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Live Events & Trade Shows

You're spending a lot of money to make sure your company stands out at trade shows, so make sure you do. Video helps attract attendees to your booth amid all the overwhelming visuals at an event.


We have experience creating engaging, informative video loops designed to get eyeballs on you and your message.


Video content leading up to, during and after the show is also impactful, and can be leveraged to get more people to check you out.


Contact us today to tell us about your goals and challenges for your upcoming show, and let's work through them together!

Running the gambit from sit-down cast interviews and featurettes all the way to all-out behind-the-scenes documentaries, we are obsessed with all things film and what goes in to getting it up on the big screen.


BTS is not just great to have included as a bonus to your Blu-ray, but when released piecemeal leading up to release it's a strong way to gain exposure, raise awareness, build anticipation and help obtain funding.


Let's capture that movie magic!


Behind the Scenes for Film & Television

Below is a large playlist of full videos produced for a wide range of clients.

Check it out!

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A behind the scenes shot of the BTS filming on location.
Empire Studios behind the scenes of Only Moments, filmed in Danbury, CT in 2014.

Image courtesy of Photography by Kat

A still shot from the Behind the Scenes featurette for Only Moments.  Here, Angela Bowman was being interviewed and was talking about the film.

Studies have shown that people spend more time on websites with video than those without.


On average, they are also 73% more likely to buy something after they've watched a video.


A recent survey found that 96% of people find videos "helpful" when making purchasing decisions online.  Websites with video content also rank higher on Google search results.


So with all that information, what are you waiting for?


Every company has a story to tell.  Let's get started on telling yours.


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