Behind the Scenes for Film and Television

Whether you're shooting a big budget blockbuster, a small independent film or a television show, trust Empire Studios to capture the magic that happens behind the camera.


WE WILL: with the production team as closely or as hands-off as requested.


...keep out of the way of filming to let your crew do their job.


...deliver a seriously awesome final product.

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On the fence about investing in Behind the Scenes footage?


It's never been more important to do so!  Consider this:


Sadly, piracy is a big issue.  By offering engaging bonus footage, there is much more of an incentive (aside from not going to jail, of course) to purchase the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Download.


By releasing certain Behind the Scenes content in a strategic way leading up to the release, audience anticipation and buzz can be brought to a boil.


Behind the Scenes footage can also be created and utilized to raise additional funding for your project.  Another great idea: using special BTS footage as a perk for a certain level of donations on crowd funding type websites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo.


Concerned about secrecy?


Don't be.


Our staff has kept the lid on some seriously major projects over the course of our career, and there is NO leak opportunity from Empire Studios.


The top secret nature of your production is absolutely critical, and we take it VERY seriously.


We are of the mindset that a movie is much more fun if you don't know much going into the theater.  That's why Empire Studios crew is like a vault with your plot, sets, props -- anything related to your production.


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