Running the gambit from sit-down cast interviews and featurettes all the way to all-out behind-the-scenes documentaries, we are obsessed with all things film and what goes in to getting it up on the big screen.


BTS is not just great to have included as a bonus to your Blu-ray, but when released piecemeal leading up to release it's a strong way to gain exposure, raise awareness, build anticipation and help obtain funding.


Let's capture that movie magic!


Promotional Video Content

A behind the scenes shot of the BTS filming on location.

Behind the Scenes for Film & Television

Empire Studios behind the scenes of Only Moments, filmed in Danbury, CT in 2014.

Image courtesy of Photography by Kat

A still shot from the Behind the Scenes featurette for Only Moments.  Here, Angela Bowman was being interviewed and was talking about the film.

Studies have shown that people spend more time on websites with video than those without.


On average, they are also 73% more likely to buy something after they've watched a video.


A recent survey found that 96% of people find videos "helpful" when making purchasing decisions online.  Websites with video content also rank higher on Google search results.


So with all that information, what are you waiting for?


Every company has a story to tell.  Let's get started on telling yours.


Live Events & Trade Shows

Planning a trade show?


65% of the population are visual learners, so attendees will retain information better if communicated through video instead of text only.


Having a video loop on display in your trade show booth is a great way to bring more attention to your company while informing the public in an engaging way.


Another powerful powerful tool in your marketing arsenal?  Have the event immortalized on video so you continue to leverage the show's impact long after the event is over.


Social Media + Web Design + SEO

Social media has come a long way in the last few years, and is one of the fastest growing areas of focus of marketing departments the world over.


Not only does it inform and engage your customer base, it can also have a positive impact on your visibility in search engines.



It's 2016... don't let your website look like it's still 1999.


Your reputation online can start and end with your site.  Make sure your digital storefront looks modern and professional... not dated and cluttered.


How does your site look on a mobile device? On a tablet?  Take the guess work out of it and let us design your site to look it's best across all platforms, large and small.



When a potential customer searches online for your type of business, are you appearing in their search results?  Keep on top of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at all times, as algorithms and criteria are changing on a constant basis.  We can make sure your SEO is performing it's best, month after month.

Have an online store?

Have a physical location but need professional shots of your product for print?

Selling real estate?

Just want to purchase some high quality photography for your home or office?


You've come to the right place.


Real estate walk through videos are also available.  Need photography + video?  Bundle packages are always a favorite.


With buyers searching online for their next real estate purchase, having professional photos and video is of paramount importance.


Make your listing stand out from the competition with professional photography and video tours from Empire Studios; your seller will appreciate it.


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