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Empire Studios has partnered with the World Community Grid and IBM to help tackle some of the world's biggest problems.


Millions of personal computers sit idly on desks and in homes worldwide.  As they wait, every hour hundreds of people contract and die from infectious diseases.  While computer owners run their screen savers, millions die from hunger, or environmental disasters devastate whole communities.  What if each of the worlds estimated 1 billion computers could be linked to focus on humanity's most pressing issues?


To make this vision a reality, Empire Studios has become a partner of World Community Grid, joining the IBM Corporation and a group of more than 400 companies, associations, foundations, nonprofits, government agencies and academic institutions.  Empire Studios is encouraging members of the community to contribute their idle computing time to assist humanitarian research by joining World Community Grid at and becoming a member of the Empire Studios team (simply follow that specific link and click "JOIN" in the upper right hand corner).


World Community Grid uses grid technology to establish a permanent, flexible infrastructure that provides researchers with a readily available pool of computational power that can be used to solve problems plaguing humanity.  Grid technology joins together many individual computers, creating a large system with massive computational power that far exceeds the power of a few supercomputers. Importantly, World Community Grid is easy and safe to use.



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Empire Studios/World Community Grid Partnership press release

"How It Works" press release and podcast transcript

"Technology Solving Problems" press release

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