The Marketing Line Item You’re Missing & Need to Add Immediately

All my current clients have one thing in common: they all understand the power of video in their marketing and communication efforts, and all embrace it as much as they can. To me, it’s so obvious how critical that quality video content is to a company or brand’s image. That’s why it’s shocking to discover how few businesses even have a line item on their marketing budget for video.

“Your Brand SUCKS!” – What To Do When Things Go South on Social

It’s crossed the mind of any small business owner or CEO: “What if someone says something negative about my brand on social media?”

Let me clear things up for you. If you’re a B2C business, it’s not IF but WHEN this happens (This doesn’t mean B2B businesses are immune, but it’s far less common than when you’re marketing towards the population at large).

Filming A Preschool: Observations

My company recently had the pleasure of filming a promotional video for a great non-profit preschool (yes, a non-profit, actual 501 (c)(3) preschool).  I had met the Director of the Adam J. Lewis Preschool, Julie Mombello, during a totally unrelated project last year.  And by “totally unrelated,” I mean she was tearing up the dance floor and bringing the audience to their feet during a “Dancing With the Stars” style fund raising event.