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Solid ROI

Customer testimonial video content is quickly becoming our single most-requested type of content, and for good reason. 

While a positive Yelp or Google review is always nice, what kind of impact do you think a video of your customer singing your praises would have? If you answered, “MASSIVE,” then you’re correct.

This carefully calculated testimonial package is designed to maximize the impact and reach of your happiest customers to add to your bottom line. We have been pulling the best from happy customers for years.

Which has more of an impact?

“The local service, support and sales is far superior over the competition.” 

-Customer 1


 “Yushin has made our manufacturing much more efficient because of their knowledge.” 

-Customer 2


 “Yushin has done nothing but good things for us.” 

– Customer 3


Some of the testimonials
we've produced


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